Your Reasons to be a Firstbooker

  • Are you planning a trip?
  • Do you already know when exactly?
  • Do you know which carrier you want to use?
  • Would you like to book early and get a reasonable rate?
  • Do you want to receive a reminder when the time comes?

Then you'll find yourself on the right track with Firstbooker, your unique early booking app that brings your travel planning right where you want it.

Whether you prefer to fly or take the train, whether by economy or first class, whether short haul or long haul, Firstbooker helps you to book at the right time.

How does it work?


It's pretty simple, we'd say.


Here's how you plan your trip:


Start Firstbooker, choose your future date of travel and enter your destination.


Choose your carrier of preference and save your settings.
You may also add further notes about your trip.

You're already done with the planning process. That's it.

Just a tip: If you want to be reminded for the start of booking as early as possible, you should make sure to include Firstbooker in your smartphone's Notification Center.

Here's how you book:


When it's time to book your trip, Firstbooker gives you a reminder and leads you to your favourite carrier's webpage.
It's easy as that.


Click on the "Book Now" button and book your trip.
That's it.

You're done with the booking process. Just take care to be at the airport or station on time on your date of travel.

Booking last minute is *so* old school – be a Firstbooker!

As a Firstbooker you're always booking from among the best rates for your trips. Our early booking app helps you to secure your early reservation discount, just in time.

Any hidden expenses?

Except those for your ticket – none.
Not now and not in the future. Period.

Do we collect any data?

Nope. Your privacy is of great importance for us. One of the few things we are informed about is whether someone has downloaded and installed Firstbooker.

Without collecting data by itself Firstbooker leads you directly to your carrier's booking site.

Of course your carrier of choice processes your data as part of the booking transaction; however this would be the case for any travel booking. Your carrier only notifies us whether someone has booked a trip via Firstbooker. Everything else is none of our business.

Firstbooker – just in time booking. That's it.

PS We are constantly expanding our list of leading travel carriers – to give you even more options.
Check Firstbooker often to find out what's new!